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Open Enrollment Insurance ObamaCare Patient Protection, Affordable Care Act Guide

Affordable Care Act Update

This webinar will provide a brief overview – of the more important provisions and recent changes concerning the Affordable Care Act (ACA). &nbsp It will specifically address how this law impacts individuals and employers as it relates to health insurance. …

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Webinar: The Risks of Hyperconnectivity – The Internet of Things

In this internet-connected world, still many things are not connected to each other.  Can you imagine a world where, based on internet interactions:

  • Your


Webinar: The Risks of Hyperconnectivity – The Internet of Things (Spanish)

En este mundo conectado por el internet, hay muchas cosas que aún no están conectadas unas a las otras. Se imagina un


Webinar: Underwriting Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

Richard S. Pitts, J.D.

The total commercialization of drones appears to be inevitable. With drone prices falling and commercial uses for drones rising,

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Webinar: Construction Defects and the ISO CGL: A Matter of Policy Terms, Law, and Facts

Gerald T. (Jerry) Hargrove, J.D., CIC, CPIA, FCLA, SCLA, PICS, LICS, CBIA

Agents are often asked by their contractor clients if the Commercial General


Webinar: Additional Insured Endorsements in the CGL Policy

Every day, thousands of people request to be named as an additional insured on someone else’s Commercial General Liability (CGL) insurance. They


Webinar: The Affordable Care Act: The Impact Upon Fiduciary Liability and Other Liability Coverages

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) imposes some significant federal forms reporting requirements on employers, along with requirements to communicate at specific time points

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