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Social Media In The Workplace

When is I ok to use social media and when can it land you in legal trouble?  Robert W. Small, an employment law expert, explains some of the benefits and dangers of using social media in the workplace. Read the …

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Car Insurance

Social Media And Car Insurance

While the vast majority of consumers in a recent survey responded that they use social media, few used it to interact with their auto insurer.  See

Social Media

Sales Through Social Media

In a highly competitive marketplace, insurance agents are always looking for a way to increase sales.  Effective social media presence can offer some agents an edge

Customer Service

Social Media: Good Customer Service or Bad Idea?

Companies are always trying to connect with customers.  Many companies have turned to social media to stay in front of the customers.  While many companies offer

Social Network

Social Media Meets Healthcare?

With the rising costs of healthcare, consumer-driven health plans are rising in popularity, but one company is blending social media with health insurance to give consumers

Social Media

LinkedIn Endorsements

If you are on LinkedIn, perhaps you have received an email saying that someone has endorsed you for a particular skill or expertise.  What exactly is

Social Media

Social Media: Pros and Cons

There are both advantages and disadvantages to Social Media.  The Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) outlines some of the positive and negative aspects and gives

Social Media

Social Media

It is getting harder and harder to avoid the social media scene.  It seems that everywhere we turn there are reminders of how connected we are. 

Air Medic

Firing over Facebook Post Alleged Invasion of Privacy

CareFlite employed Roberts as a paramedic.  Roberts was "friends" on the website with fellow CareFlite paramedic Robert Sumien and CareFlite helicopter pilot Scott Schoenhardt.  Roberts posted

Social Media

NLRB’s Opinion on the Validity of an Employer’s Social Media Policy

NLRB finds that the Respondent violated the National Labor Relations Act by maintaining a rule prohibiting employees from electronically posting statements that “damage the Company .

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