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The Four Pitches of an Insurance Ace

By James Dougherty, CIC Most professional baseball pitchers who have achieved Hall of Fame status attribute their success to having a variety of pitches. Not only did these professionals control the speed and pitch location, but they threw many distinctive …

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Opportunity is Knocking

By Kenneth L. Fields, CIC, CPCU, CLU, ChFC, MSM

What is that sound? Could it be opportunity knocking?

10,000 baby boomers (76.4 million people born from 1946 – 1964)

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Questions are the Answer

By Jim Kuerschner, CIC

They say insurance is a relationship business. So how do you forge and maintain relationships with your customers and prospects? Consider the answer – a


Blocking and Tackling of Insurance Production

By James Dougherty, CIC

New ideas concerning how producers should market themselves and their agency emerge daily, especially with the innovations in automation. It’s similar to the nuances


When you Think Producers, Think Entrepreneurs

By Tom Barrett, CIC, AAI

Top producers have an entrepreneurial attitude and a vision for the future. They have a career plan and know how to achieve their


Advice for New Producers

By Kenneth L. Fields, MSM, CIC, CPCU, CLU, ChFC

Getting started in the insurance business isn’t easy, to say the least. Estimates are that two thirds of all new


Speaking Insurance: University Associate Program

One of our biggest goals here at The National Alliance Research Academy is to introduce young professionals to the insurance and risk management industry. As part of this

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Want Agency Efficiency & Sales Success? Get Above the Fray!

By Tom Barrett, CIC, AAI

There is a lot of conversation today about the changes in the marketplace when it comes to insurance distribution. We see enormous advertising

The Changing Dynamics of Cross Selling

By Jack Burke

In the “good old days” cross selling primarily meant having the courage and persistence to ask your clients for the additional business. The legendary State


The Interview

By Fritz Koehler, CIC, CRM

Of the many steps in the sales process, a lot of attention is on “the close”. Typically, this is cited as the most

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