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Video: Insurance in the Classroom

A town devastated by hurricanes has rebuilt its school through education. Through The National Alliance for Insurance Education & Research, the CISR Program has been brought to the high school, offering an alternative career path for students as a part …

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Protecting Children from Evolving School Risks

By Stacy Corluccio, CSRM

When choosing a school for their children, parents understandably want the school district to be the best from an educational standpoint. To ensure that the school district meets their standards, they often


Distracted Drivers Driving Up Accident Rates

By Sarah Warhaftig, J.D.

At any given daylight moment across America, approximately 660,000 drivers are using cell phones or manipulating electronic devices while driving—a number that has held steady since 2010.

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Top Global Risks Impacting Latin America

By Mary Husk, CIC, CRM, CPCU

This article is based on a discussion with Alejandro Marmorek, Aon Risk Solution’s Chief Commercial Officer—Latin America. He spoke with Mary Husk, CIC, CRM, CPCU, VP


The Potential Risks of Risk Management Services


The insurance industry has evolved into a myriad of differing and often conflicting objectives. Marketing advocates more

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Above Ground and Underground Storage Tanks

By David S. Hershey, CRM, CPCU, ARM, CPSR, AMIM, MLIS

The subject of storage tanks can be a sore spot for some risk managers. If, for example, you are in a


Sharing the Blame: What happens when both sides are at fault?

By Dwight Kealy, J.D., CIC

Not only is it part of human nature to want to share the blame for accidents with others, sometimes it really is—at least partly—someone else’s fault.


Protect Your Agency from a Cyber Attack

By Timothy L. McClendon, CIC, CWCA,
and Mark C. Greisiger

As I’ve traveled around the country over the last few years, I have seen that most agents recognize the various cyber risks

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CSRM Resources: School Bus Driver Training Evaluation

This documents driver performance in recommended safe driving procedures, correct loading and unloading, student discipline, pre-trip inspection lists and professionalism.

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CSRM Resources: Transportation Crisis Management Plan

- This plan outlines procedures for vehicular accidents, school closings/emergencies (fires, leaks, threats of violence), and non-emergency (weather, facility maintenance).

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