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Can’t Add to the Stack

What is the limit when a particular amount is not specified in the policy?  This court case looks at coverage limits for UM/UIM and limit stacking. Read the court case…

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Life Ins

Disreputable, Not a Breach of Duty

When the proceeds from a life insurance policy were deposited into an investment account as was customary procedure, the beneficiary claimed the practice was a breach


The Same, But Different

Joan Stickley was seriously injured in an automobile accident that killed her husband, the driver.  As a result of her injuries she sought coverage and compensation

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Grease Splatter Not a Mental Matter

After sustaining burns in an industrial accident, Matthew Mazzone sought compensation for his physical and psychological injuries.  Despite a later diagnosis of post-traumatic stress disorder (PSTD),

Physically Aggressive Businessman

No Contest, No Coverage

Kent Bearden pleaded No Contest to criminal charges resulting from a physical altercation with Paul Rasmussen.  When Rasmussen filed a civil suit against Bearden, Bearden sought


You Are Both Wrong

After a hit-and-run accident, Lori McDonnell filed a claim with her auto insurer.  Unable to agree on extent of injuries resulting from the accident, the claim


Appraisal Panel Not Allowed

After continued dispute over the extent of loss in a fire claim, the insurer sought a court order to get a binding determination by an appraisal


Stacking Limits

Ronnie Dooley purchase auto insurance and paid three separate premiums to cover three vehicles.  When injured in a serious auto accident, Dooley looked to his auto


No Contest, No Coverage

As a consequence of a physical altercation, Kent Bearden pleaded no contest to disorderly conduct which as defined by Anchorage Municipal Code forbids a person to


Auto Coverage But Not An Auto Policy

In the state of Maryland, as it applies to “private passenger motor vehicle liability insurance”, insurance code requires an insurer to offer liability coverage to family

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