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Speaking Insurance: Outstanding CSR of the Year Finalists—Part 1

Every year, hundreds of insurance customer service representatives from across the United States compete to be named the Outstanding CSR of the Year. This award is presented by The National Alliance, and is considered one of the greatest professional honors …

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Outstanding CSR of the Year Finalist Essay—Sharon Richards

By Sharon Richards

Etymology is the study of words while Entomology is the study of insects. A subtle distinction to be sure but no less important and be

Outstanding CSR of the Year Finalist Essay—Kelly Sparks

By Kelly Sparks, CIC, CISR, AAI, AIS, LIC

In the current insurance agency environment the meaning of the term Customer Service Representative is frequently used interchangeably with Account Manager,

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“Constructing” Superior Service

By Pat Holycross, CIC, AAI

I’m sure if you are a CSR in an insurance agency, you don’t consider yourself a contractor. You may have contractors in your

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Leveraging Technology in Customer Service

By Lindsey Hamielec, CIC, CISR

The insurance industry is generally considered a dinosaur when it comes to the adoption and effective application of technology. A slow uptake of


Focus on Small Details for Big Results

By Karen M. Villafañe Rodrίguez, CISR

Servicing commercial specialty lines insurance can be a big challenge. Different from analyzing standard forms and common exposures such as bodily injury or


A Strong Agency Culture is the Key to Retaining Clients

By Heather Basdekis, CISR

In today’s society, exceptional customer service is not only important to maintaining long lasting relationships, it’s imperative. Creating and maintaining an agency culture based around

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Surviving the Storm with CPR

By Stephanie Brown, CISR, CSRM

Who would have ever thought?

September 2012: It was Labor Day weekend and my family and I were looking forward to four days of no


Preventing Errors & Omissions

By Tracy Reed, CIC, CISR

What is something that every agency owner, producer, and customer service representative strives to prevent and hope never happens to them? This would


Is Your Customer Service Good or Exceptional?

By Kristi Wood, CISR

Clients, as well as employees that service clients, are two of the biggest assets most organizations possess. By having a skilled team of staff

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