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Predicting Complications

All surgeries have risks; however, genetic testing could help predict the outcome of a contemplated surgery.  Those with a particular genetic mutation are likely to suffer adverse results after the specific types of eye surgery.  By testing a patient prior …

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Wrong Diagnosis

As with all humans, doctors make mistakes.  Unfortunately these mistakes can lead to prolonged pain, irreversible damage and even death.  When seeking medical care, it is


Administration Postpones ACA Mandate For Some Employers

Certain employers have been given additional time to implement provisions of the Affordable Care Act.  The Washington Post reports that under the new rules announced by


Do You Eat? The Drought In California May Affect You!

In the middle of the worst drought on record, California may have to start considering transferring water from agricultural uses to urban uses.  When farmers need


Pet Insurance Forecast Remains Positive

Despite the economic recession and squeezes on household budgets, pet insurance is the fastest growing insurance sales category.  Insurance Networking News reports on why these trends are set

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Most Expensive Health Insurance Regions In The U.S.

The Kaiser Family Foundation Program for the Study of Health Reform and Private Insurance has released their list for the U.S.’s 10 most expensive insurance markets


Affordable Care Act – 201 Update: Rules, Taxes and Opportunities- Exclusive Content!

On January 23rd The National Alliance hosted a free webinar.  As part of the monthly free webinar series, Jerry Rhinehart, CIC, CLU, ChFC, RHU covers the


ACA Reshaping Small-Group Market Plans

Industry analysts, insurers, and state regulators are forecasting a much larger health insurance plan disruption than predicted by the Obama administrations—much of the disruption only indirectly

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Is Outsourcing Manufacturing To China Bad For American Public Health?

A new study published in PNAS (a leading scientific journal) reveals that Chinese pollution related to U.S. manufacturing exports from China is drifting to the western

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Gestational Diabetes Testing Recommendations

An independent task force has advised that all pregnant women should be screened for gestational diabetes, and that the benefits outweigh the harm.  Although many doctors

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