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Examing Water

Site-Specific Pollution Coverage

Risk Managers may have the occasional need to secure some level of risk transfer for pollution exposures associated with property acquisition, disposition, or current operations. In an effort to make for a more interesting analysis, it will be helpful to …

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Tips for the New Risk Manager

When I was asked to write this article, I thought for a great deal of time about what is pertinent, current, and applicable to the risk management discipline. I came to the conclusion


The Pervasiveness of Insurance Fraud

If you talk to professionals in our industry about insurance fraud, they will tell you insurance fraud is linked directly to the lousy economy. They’ll also tell you the majority of insurance fraud


Do Your Children Have the Right Stuff?

The insurance industry has provided many people an opportunity for a very successful business career. Most professionals in the industry are here either because they were born into the family business/agency or got


A Disaster Plan for the Perfect Storm: How One Agency Helped their Clients after Hurricane Sandy

CIC board member, Paul Monacelli, CIC, CPIA, is an owner and CEO of ADP/Statewide Insurance Agencies, Inc., one of the larger independent agencies in the state of New Jersey. In this

The Wizard

Enterprise Risk Management and its Relationship to The Wizard of Oz

The story of The Wizard of Oz has sparked the imagination of children and adults since American author L. Frank Baum created Land of Oz in the 1900s. The journey


Sales Training Success Story


My business partner, Diane Masterson, and I began developing the PaceSetter Producer Development Program over 17 years ago for State Auto, a regional property/casualty insurance company, operating in 33 states only through independent agencies. Although


Two Hurricanes, and Counting

Frank “Buddy” Seeling III, CIC, CMIP, is the President of Aparicio, Walker & Seeling (AWS), Inc., in Metairie, Louisiana. In this interview, representatives of The National Alliance Research Academy discuss with


States of Confusion: Workers Compensation Extraterritorial Issues

As states passed workers compensation laws, each state established its unique workers compensation system. This resulted in a mishmash of laws, benefits, compensability, and eligibility from state to state.

Determining what benefits apply is complicated because


Top Programs Begin with Top Faculty

In order to provide you with the highest quality insurance and risk management education programs, The National Alliance for Insurance Education & Research, over several decades, has developed a faculty of

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