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Trigger Shy

Opal Corn sustained injuries from a multi-car auto accident.  After settling with one driver and insurer, Opal sought coverage under the underinsured motorists coverage of her own personal auto policy.  She then settled a claim with another driver and insurer …

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Using The Car

As a Milwaukee County sheriff’s deputy, Rachelle Jackson sought coverage under her employer’s underinsured motorists coverage when she suffered injuries after being hit by a vehicle


What Is Pollution?

When four people died from carbon monoxide poisoning, Casino West Motel looked to their commercial general liability policy for coverage.  Century Surety Company denied the claim


Vicarious Liability

A personal auto policy usually excludes accidents arising out of vehicles used to transport people or things for a fee.  Share-the-expense car pools are the exception


Where On The Dec?

Being listed on the Declarations Page under drivers does not guarantee protection under a personal auto policy.  After being injured in in an auto accident while

Home Health

Travelling Employees

As a home health aide, Mary Spellman used her personal vehicle to travel to and from each patient’s house.  Her employment agreement included mileage reimbursement for

Drunk Driving

Uninsured Motorists Limits

Heike Wehrle and Robert Wehrle were severely injured by a drunk driver.  As a result of the auto accident, Heike injuries exceeded $1.5 million while Robert’s


What A Difference A Word Makes

In this court case, the insured was injured in an accident with a hit-and-run driver.  After the UM claim was denied by the insurer on the


Employer’s Responsibility In An Away-From-Home Assignment

While working on an extended out of town assignment, an employee causes an auto accident.  Is the employer vicariously liable for an accident while the employee


What Is A Vehicle?

Joshua Green died in a boating accident prompting his wife and mother to seek recovery under two Accidental Death and Dismemberment policies.  The insurance company denied

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