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Online Shopping

Distribution Trends Show An Increase In Online Sales

Online auto insurance purchases have increased from 700,000 purchases in 2004 to 3.1 million purchases in 2011. Read the article…

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Insurance Online

Consumers expect to be able to purchase many products online, but is it a good idea to put all insurance products online?  Personal Auto insurance is

Social Media In The Workplace

When is I ok to use social media and when can it land you in legal trouble?  Robert W. Small, an employment law expert, explains some

Car Insurance

Social Media And Car Insurance

While the vast majority of consumers in a recent survey responded that they use social media, few used it to interact with their auto insurer.  See


Mobile Technology Not Going Away

More and more personal business is being conducted though a smartphone, tablet or other mobile device.  We can now deposit checks by taking a picture, get


Easier To Service Than Shop

A recent study by J.D. Power & Associates found that insurance company websites are more user-friendly when it comes to servicing an existing policy than when


An App For That?

Though many insurers offer electronic proof on insurance through the company website or smartphone app, there are few states that permit using your smartphone to show


Agency Website

Perhaps your agency does not yet have a website.  Maybe you have one, but it needs help.  LifeHealthPro gives some simple guidelines to consider when working

Customer Service

Social Media: Good Customer Service or Bad Idea?

Companies are always trying to connect with customers.  Many companies have turned to social media to stay in front of the customers.  While many companies offer

Social Network

Social Media Meets Healthcare?

With the rising costs of healthcare, consumer-driven health plans are rising in popularity, but one company is blending social media with health insurance to give consumers

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