Grasping the Impact of Risk Management in Schools

School Hall
School risk management is more than insurance – its understanding and managing the dynamic nature of risks in schools.  Schools have a plethora of risks that range from everyday occurrences such as slips, trips, and falls to bus accidents, policies and procedures, and unemployment claims – and now the “newer” risks of cyber and public health issues.  How does your school district identify and mitigate these risksandcontrol losses?  Register for this webinar to see how your district fares and if other exposures are being overlooked. 

  • Define risk management and discuss various elements of the process
  • Educate and train staff to raise risk management awareness
  • Identify the impact risk management has on the various departments within schools
  • Examine the value of a dedicated risk manager and a comprehensive risk management program
  • Provide various resources and strategies for execution of a proper risk management program
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