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Video: Career Opportunities in Insurance

Young insurance professionals discuss career opportunities in the field.

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Speaking Insurance: The Power of Training

Insurance agencies rely on producers to bring in revenue for the agency. The better the producer is equipped to perform and make sales, the more money comes in.


Speaking Insurance: Providing a Future for our Veterans—Part 2

Tracy Pitre, CISR, is an Academic Director with The National Alliance.

Through the Disabled Veterans Insurance Careers (DVIC) Program, she reaches out to our veterans


Webinar: The Affordable Care Act: The Impact Upon Fiduciary Liability and Other Liability Coverages

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) imposes some significant federal forms reporting requirements on employers, along with requirements to communicate at specific time points


Producer Profile: Selecting Producer Candidates with the Right Stuff

By Jim Cuprisin, MBA, CIC, CRM, ARP

What is the right stuff? Who should independent insurance agencies hire to become new producers? To answer these questions, and many others, The National Alliance


Video: Insurance in the Classroom

A town devastated by hurricanes has rebuilt its school through education. Through The National Alliance for Insurance Education & Research, the CISR Program has been brought to the

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Speaking Insurance: The Path of a Soldier

Nelson Acevedo Diaz, CISR, joined The National Alliance as a Webinar Coordinator after honorably serving six years in the United States Army. Nelson graduated from the

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US Commercial Rates Moderate in March

Composite index down 3 percent

The US commercial insurance market composite rate index has slightly decreased the pace of price-cutting after three consecutive months at minus 4 percent.


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March Personal Lines Rate Cuts Moderate

Homeowners’ rates flat

US personal lines insurers have stopped cutting rates; at least for the month of March.

Richard Kerr, CEO of MarketScout, profiled the change, “The composite rate


“Residence Premises”: The ISO Homeowners’ Hidden Total Loss Exclusion

By Jerry L. Kennedy, CIC

Let’s say your agency provides the homeowners insurance for the following clients:

  • Jim, who was recently relocated by his employer to Raleigh, North Carolina; his home in

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