Speaking Insurance: A Young CIC’s Perspective

Michael Howard

The National Alliance Research Academy developed the University Associate Program, to help attract students to the risk management and insurance industry, while giving them the opportunity to earn credit towards the CIC and CRM designations.

Michael Howard, CIC, CRM earned both the UACIC and UACRM designations through the University Associate Program during his time studying at Florida State University. He then went on to earn the CIC designation while still in college, making him one of the three youngest UACICs to earn the CIC. Now Michael is a commercial producer at Atlas Insurance in Sarasota, Florida, and has a solid start to his insurance career.

This is the first in a series of podcasts spotlighting the achievements of young insurance professionals and students. If you know a young insurance professional who has a good story to tell, visit The National Alliance on LinkedIn and let us know!

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