Speaking Insurance: Behind the UACIC Designation


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A few weeks ago, in this podcast, we introduced the University Associate Program. This is a program sponsored by The National Alliance as a way to introduce young professionals to the insurance and risk management industry.

The UA program allows university students to earn one of two designations—the UACIC and the UACRM—while obtaining college credit. By earning these designations, these students receive credit for the first two parts of the corresponding designations, CIC and CRM.

Last month, we talked with Alivia Yeager, CIC, CRM, the youngest person to have earned the UACRM designation and gone on to achieve the CRM designation.

Kelsie Walker

In this podcast, we talk with Kelsie Walker, CIC, who, at age 23, is one of the three youngest to have earned the UACIC designation and gone on to achieve the CIC designation.

Kelsie shares her perspective as a young professional who recently went through the UA program at the University of Central Arkansas, and, now has a job as an account manager at Bancorp South Insurance Services.

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