Speaking Insurance: Outstanding CSR of the Year Finalists—Part 2

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Every year, hundreds of insurance customer service representatives from across the United States compete to be named the Outstanding CSR of the Year. This award is presented by The National Alliance, and is considered one of the greatest professional honors a customer service representative can receive. It recognizes an insurance professional’s dedication, commitment, and outstanding achievement.

In this week's podcast, we talk with two of this year’s top five finalists for the award—Angela Nyamburi, CRM, CIC, CISR, CSRM, of Minnesota, and Ericka Berceau, CISR, of Wisconsin.

As part of the process to be considered for this award, Angie and Ericka each wrote a two-page essay on a topic chosen by The National Alliance:

“In today’s political, economic, and social environment, the use of the English language has undergone significant change. Even in our insurance industry, words, partial words, and titles can have a multitude of meanings—some of which are unclear and even vague. In the current insurance agency environment, the meaning of the term, ‘Customer Service Representative,’ has frequently been replaced with the terms ‘Account Manager,’ ‘Account Executive,’ ‘Client Service Advisor,’ etc. In your judgement, is there any important difference in the meaning of these titles in terms of one’s knowledge, expertise, compensation, and responsibilities? Do you believe these different titles make a difference to your clients, coworkers, and insurance companies?”

You can read Angie and Ericka's full essays by clicking the links below:

Angela Nyamburi

Ericka Berceau

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