Outstanding CSR of the Year Finalist Essay—Angela Nyamburi

By Angela M. Nyamburi, CIC, CRM, CISR, CSRM

In my judgement, due to the variation among agencies and the titles they utilize for Customer Service Representatives, there is very little meaning to clients, underwriters and co-workers of those titles. So if your title doesn’t really matter – what does? In my view it is the brand you have created that matters most. We can create our own personal brand. What do I mean by this? Companies large and small recognize the value that is in a brand from financial valuations to intangibles such as reputation and customer experiences with the brand that builds customer loyalty. Why shouldn’t I then in a personal capacity as an insurance professional create my own brand and value to my clients, underwriters and co-workers? Those of us in the CSR role in agencies are on the front line and we prove ourselves every day to customers, underwriters and co-workers within our agencies.

To my customer, I want to be a valued partner and offer them the kind of service that is second to none – meaning that I am responsive, accurate, timely and friendly. They will know that I truly care about the relationship, the trust they have placed in me and that I value their business. Values that I feel are important to the customer are knowledge, communication skills, and creating a consistent experience with the customer. They will get valuable answers and know that I am listening to their needs and responding. Not only will I be creating value to the client but building relationships and my personal brand. It is a great feeling when a prospective client calls and says that a current customer told me to call you.

To the underwriters I want to be accurate, timely and make sure that they know that I value their partnership with mutual clients and want to invest in long term relationships that are mutually beneficial to both the insured and the carrier. I want my submissions to be of such quality that they go to the top of the stack and that they know the risk being represented is being presented in a manner that is truthful and nothing will be hidden from them. I will be so involved in my accounts that I know the best markets for their operations and risk profile and work with them on carrier recommendations, safety suggestions, and return to work, fleet safety plans and help them to be a more profitable client. I will be involved and know the ins and outs of the client’s operations and be able to answer and really sell the account to the underwriters.

To my co-workers I want to be known as friendly, positive, a good mentor and example and that I will be a good team player. I will take all calls that are passed to me and do my best for all of the agency’s clients not just those assigned to me. I will train less experienced staff, answer questions and give advice to them on how they can increase their knowledge and progress in their careers.

I recognize that customers are the bread and butter that we need to survive and thrive. I first and foremost have to decide everyday what type of brand I want to be known for and perform to the best of my ability. Whether I am a Vice President, Account Manager, Account Executive or CISR – I will be deliberate in my thoughts, actions, and words. In my judgement if I build my personal brand and add value to the clients, underwriters and co-workers, the respect I earn and my salary will be commensurate and the title is not as important. I like the title Customer Service Representative because it has the important components in the name. First the customer so that we don’t forget we are there for them first and foremost providing service and representing ourselves and employers in the endeavor. In closing I am not concerned with the title I am given, but I am concerned with building my brand through all impressions that I have direct control over with the customer, underwriters and co-workers.

Angela M. Nyamburi, CIC, CRM, CISR, CSRM
2015 Outstanding CSR of the Year National Finalist
Wells Fargo Insurance

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