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storage tanks

Above Ground and Underground Storage Tanks

By David S. Hershey, CRM, CPCU, ARM, CPSR, AMIM, MLIS The subject of storage tanks can be a sore spot for some risk managers. If, for example, you are in a business that requires the storage of a pollutant, such …

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Sharing the Blame: What happens when both sides are at fault?

By Dwight Kealy, J.D., CIC

Not only is it part of human nature to want to share the blame for accidents with others, sometimes it really is—at least partly—someone else’s fault.


Protect Your Agency from a Cyber Attack

By Timothy L. McClendon, CIC, CWCA,
and Mark C. Greisiger

As I’ve traveled around the country over the last few years, I have seen that most agents recognize the various cyber risks


Speaking Insurance: Empowering Agents with Knowledge and Training—Part 1

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Jeff Sargeant, CPIA, is the owner and agency principal of Community Insurance


Opportunity is Knocking

By Kenneth L. Fields, CIC, CPCU, CLU, ChFC, MSM

What is that sound? Could it be opportunity knocking?

10,000 baby boomers (76.4 million people born from 1946 – 1964)


Droning on About Drones: ISO Endorsements Address Drone-Related Liabilities

By Elsa Sanchez, CIC, CRM

For years we have seen and heard news reports about the military’s use of unmanned aircraft systems (UAS)— commonly referred to as drones. However, the use

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CSRM Resources: School Bus Driver Training Evaluation

This documents driver performance in recommended safe driving procedures, correct loading and unloading, student discipline, pre-trip inspection lists and professionalism.

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CSRM Resources: Transportation Crisis Management Plan

- This plan outlines procedures for vehicular accidents, school closings/emergencies (fires, leaks, threats of violence), and non-emergency (weather, facility maintenance).

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CSRM Resources: Driver School Bus Inspection Form

This form is used to inspect the bus before the first daily run, 2nd daily run and to document mileage.

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CSRM Resources: Public Playground Safety Tips

Important tips for parents and community groups to keep in mind for assurance of playground safety.

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