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Outstanding CSR of the Year Finalist Essay—Ericka Berceau

By Ericka L. Berceau, CISR Shakespeare’s play, “Romeo and Juliet,” made famous the phrase “What’s in a name?” That statement, though dated, is a direct reference to the inconsequence of a title, surname, or label. Times have changed quite a …

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Video: A Great Time to be in Insurance

Robert S. Schimek, AIG Senior Vice President and Chief Executive Officer of the Americas, explains why it's a great time to be in insurance.

Speaking Insurance Podcast

Speaking Insurance: Outstanding CSR of the Year Finalists—Part 1

Every year, hundreds of insurance customer service representatives from across the United States compete to be named the Outstanding CSR of the Year. This award is

Outstanding CSR of the Year Finalist Essay—Sharon Richards

By Sharon Richards

Etymology is the study of words while Entomology is the study of insects. A subtle distinction to be sure but no less important and be

Outstanding CSR of the Year Finalist Essay—Kelly Sparks

By Kelly Sparks, CIC, CISR, AAI, AIS, LIC

In the current insurance agency environment the meaning of the term Customer Service Representative is frequently used interchangeably with Account Manager,


Blocking and Tackling of Insurance Production

By James Dougherty, CIC

New ideas concerning how producers should market themselves and their agency emerge daily, especially with the innovations in automation. It’s similar to the nuances

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Educated Agents Sell Total Cost of Risk, Not Insurance, to Tap Environmental Market

By David A. Quinn, CIC, CRM, ARM

In today’s insurance market, niche players have an edge over generalists. Knowledgeable about specific markets, they “talk the talk” of prospects and


When you Think Producers, Think Entrepreneurs

By Tom Barrett, CIC, AAI

Top producers have an entrepreneurial attitude and a vision for the future. They have a career plan and know how to achieve their

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“Constructing” Superior Service

By Pat Holycross, CIC, AAI

I’m sure if you are a CSR in an insurance agency, you don’t consider yourself a contractor. You may have contractors in your


Speaking Insurance: Behind the UACRM Designation

Last week, we talked with Ashley McCreadie, CIC, CRM, the first person to earn both of the National Alliance’s University Associate designations, UACIC and

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