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Collaboration, Innovation and Engagement: Essentials to Fostering and Retaining Service Team Talent

By Maggie Tirschman, CIC, CISR This article was originally published in Rough Notes Magazine. The insurance industry is starting to experience challenges in the workforce due to the baby boomer generation moving towards retirement – and this will continue. How …

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Using the Tools of Communication

By Jack Burke
Sound Marketing

In 1994 Dr. Ian Morrison of the Institute of the Future said, “By the year 2000, 98% of businesses will be on the Internet, but

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A Small Business Approach to Enterprise Risk Management

By Donna L. Galer

Small Businesses and Risk

Small businesses are subject to risks and uncertainties. In fact, they are typically more vulnerable to risks than large businesses because they


Training and Managing New Producers: Lessons Learned Past and Present

By Ken Fields, CIC, MSM, CPCU, CLU, ChFC
State Auto Insurance Companies

Back in the 1920’s, the Western Electric Company conducted a series of experiments to determine the relationship between

Assured Built-in Obsolescence!

By Tom Barrett, CIC, AAI

What a strange title for a sales column! Fortunately, my company has not become obsolescent. Our company continues to produce in excess

Agency Reputation Depends on Customer Service

By Monica Brown, CIC, ACSR
Account Manager, Galveston Insurance Associates

This article was originally published in Rough Notes Magazine.

Everywhere you look there are company brands and logos representing

Limbo or Hurdle? You Decide

By Fritz Koehler, CIC, CRM
Managing Director, BancorpSouth Insurance Services

As I teach Dynamics of Selling across the United States, we are constantly impressing upon producers how to

risk management concept on a napkin

Speaking Insurance: From Classrooms to Drones: A Risk Manager’s Perspective

"I believe that risk managers are extremely important people in the light of any organization."

Joe Schmidt is an experienced risk manager at Creative Products International. In this podcast,


Attitudes for Success

By Jack Burke
Sound Marketing

New producers (and sometimes experienced producers) frequently ask me how they can be more successful. Usually they are looking for a magic marketing bullet


Raising the Bar with Risk Management

By Tim Starr, CIC, CRM, CWCA, CRIS
The Starr Group

This article was originally published in Rough Notes Magazine.

It was not long ago that the relationship between a

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