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Agent-Partner Education

Agent-Partner Education

West Bend Mutual Insurance Company has a reputation for eliciting strong allegiance from its agency partners. In this interview, Will Hold, CISR, Vice President of The National Alliance Research Academy, asks, “What’s your secret?” Linda Luka, West Bend’s Agent Education …

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The Power of Mobility: A New Standard in Customer Service

By Steve Anderson, CIC
Editor of The Anderson Agency Report

Every prediction of the growth of smartphones and tablet usage has fallen far short in their estimates of how


Municipal Risk Management: How Can We Raise the Bar?

By John D’Agostino, Jr., CIC, CRM, CPIA
Vice President of D’Agostino Agency

With taxpayers’ money at stake, one would think that municipalities would be using all the tools possible and all the professional

Speaking Insurance Podcast

Speaking Insurance: Google Compare Partners with ITC

The National Alliance Research Academy talks with Laird Rixford, the president of Insurance Technologies Corporation. ITC has recently announced a partnership with Google Compare


Best Practice Considerations: Handling Claims in the 21st Century

By Don H. Donaldson, CIC, CRM, RPA, CHS
CEO of the LA Group

What are “best practices”? Are there identifiable practices within the insurance industry associated with superior operating results, policyholder approval and loyalty,

Dollar Grabber Game

Tax Implications of Owning and Selling Agencies

By Jon Persky, CPA, CIC, PHR
President of Optimum Performance Solutions, LLC

It used to be so simple. Through December 31, 2012, if you sold your insurance agency you paid a flat

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Insuring the Non-Traditional Business: Looking Beyond the Homeowners Policy

By Melissa Maldonado, AIC, ARC
The National Alliance

In a world full of entrepreneurs and start-up businesses, the home-based business is often the most difficult to maintain successfully. From balancing the separation of personal


The Question That Creates Business

In 2005, The National Alliance Research Academy published The 25 Most Innovative Agents in America, featuring interviews with some of the nation’s most innovative property and casualty agents and agency owners.


Business Interruption Coverage for Businesses On the Move

By Elsa Sanchez, CIC, CRM
The National Alliance

Let’s discuss business interruption for the mobile business. No, we are not talking about mobile homes. A mobile business can be described basically as


Experience is the Best Teacher–or is it?

By E. Daniel Thomas, FCAS, MAAA

The role of stress tests in the self-insurance risk management function

The past is not necessarily a good guide to the future, but it does usually

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