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What Is A Vehicle?

Joshua Green died in a boating accident prompting his wife and mother to seek recovery under two Accidental Death and Dismemberment policies.  The insurance company denied the claims because the policies contained an exclusion for accidents while operating any type …

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Small Business Compliance

It not just large companies that are required to comply with OSHA regulations; some regulations apply to small companies as well.  In order to assist small


Workers Compensation Coverage For Remodeling Expenses

As the result of a work-related accident, Tessa Washek was rendered a paraplegic.  Both her employer and the employer’s insurer accepted liability, and Washek began receiving

Tool Box

Fall Prevention Training

OSHA now offers a guide to fall prevention training.  The free publication includes lesson plans for toolbox talks, wallets cards and posters.


Insured Status For Girlfriend’s Kids?

Tina Sellers and her two daughters moved into a house purchased and insured by her boyfriend Marcus Degen.  The couple and girls lived as a family


Disability Dispute

A Minnesota chiropractor purchased a disability insurance policy that paid based on an own occupation definition and another policy that paid for total disability based on

Tow Truck

Expected Or Intended Exclusion

Franklin Quick Cash, LLC, claiming that the incident qualified as an accident under the policy terms, looked to their insurance provider when the company was sued

Work Injury

Injury To A Temporary Worker

Certain employers are required to track all work-related deaths and particular work-related injuries and illnesses an OSHA 300 log, the Injury and Illness log.  What happens


Velocify Studies Missed Opportunities

Insurance companies are spending billions of dollars on marketing and then missing the sales opportunities by not properly handling the sales leads generated.  Velocify has recently

Global Warming

Prepare Or Pay

Insurers have been paying out claims that some think are the result of a lack of planning and preparation for climate change.  In an effort to

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