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Technology v Workers’ Comp Law

Does your company have a policy that addresses what happens if someone is involved in an accident while on the phone for company business while they are off of work and on a personal errand?  Do your company mitigate these …

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sinking ship

Marina Fire Sinks Boats and Hearts

Several pleasure boats caught fire at the Shelter Bay Marina in Washington last week.  The intense diesel-fueled flames proved difficult to extinguish and caused an estimated


Sinkhole Swallows Museum Muscle Cars

Several corvettes were swallowed by a 40 foot wide sink hole at The National Corvette Museum in Bowling Green Kentucky.   Eight cars were damaged by the


Amazon- Your One Stop Insurance Shop?!?

Insurers are lagging behind the digital preferences of the new generations.  Product personalization and digital on-demand buying have become a shopping norm, and Amazon may be


Wildfires Burn Budgets

President Obama’ will ask Congress to change the way the federal government pays for severe wildfire disaster response.  Fire costs have exceeded fire suppression budgets in

Potatos sprouting roots

Federal Crop Insurance Fraud Case Is No Small Potatoes

Two farmers have been charged for defrauding the government of $840,000.   They allegedly induced potato spoilage of their 2006 crop and then filed a bogus insurance

Tin can phone

Car Talk…Literally

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is beginning to take steps to enable vehicle-to-vehicle communication for light vehicles.  The transmission of basic information between cars may

light bulb

Got IP?

Intellectual property (IP) is often the most valuable thing a company owns, but few industrial companies insure it.  This article from Insurance Thought Leadership discusses the

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Vermont Governor Approves LIMA

Vermont’s governor has signed the Legacy Insurance Management Act (LIMA) bill, the first of its kind in the United States.  At times, an insurer has active

traffic argument

Was Your Car Accident Real?

Corrupt medical clinics are collaborating with dozens of staged crash gangs to file false claims against NY State’s no-fault auto-insurance system.   Use these tips to help

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