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Winning Playbook

For many attending, the Super Bowl is a once in a lifetime experience.  Such an elaborate event comes unique exposures.  Keven Moore discusses how this weekend’s event has a risk management and insurance plan that has been years in the …

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ACA Reshaping Small-Group Market Plans

Industry analysts, insurers, and state regulators are forecasting a much larger health insurance plan disruption than predicted by the Obama administrations—much of the disruption only indirectly


Cold Weather Could Lead To A Widespread Energy Emergency

Back-to-back cold spells have depleted already low propane stocks.  17 U.S. states have declared energy emergencies and have loosened propane transportation rules to expedite shipments from

unique exposure

Unique Exposures Require Unique Solutions

When designing a risk management plan one must consider the unique intricacies of the exposure.  An effective risk management plan is not a one size fits

businessman roadmap

Roadmap To Success

 When it comes to strategic planning, some business owners aren’t quite sure where to begin.  Eric Fields, CIC, CRM, CPA,CRIS,AFSB,AAI, a National Alliance faculty member, shares


The Nature Of Organizational Culture

A fire damaged building can be rebuilt and a car can be replaced, but a damaged reputation might be irreparable.  Taking a proactive approach on reputation

smog in China

Is Outsourcing Manufacturing To China Bad For American Public Health?

A new study published in PNAS (a leading scientific journal) reveals that Chinese pollution related to U.S. manufacturing exports from China is drifting to the western

baby ultrasound

Gestational Diabetes Testing Recommendations

An independent task force has advised that all pregnant women should be screened for gestational diabetes, and that the benefits outweigh the harm.  Although many doctors

Doctored Piggy Bank

Medical Malpractice Dilemma In Georgia

 Malpractice litigation may be a thing of the past in Georgia.  Lawmakers are considering a bill that would replace patient and family malpractice suits with a


Five Minute Saliva Test to Identify Smokers

Smokers in the UK now have more incentive than ever to quit smoking: MONEY!  With the aid of a new 5 minute saliva test, private insurers

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