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Formula For A Combat Mission

SMEAC: Situation, Mission, Execution, Administration, Control.  See how to apply the SMEAC strategy to your sales situation. Read the article…

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Special Events And Blue Moons

“The loss control process can turn a special event into a loss-controlled event.”  Find out how.

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Sandy One Year Later

State panel advised of insurance issues and red tape regarding pending Sandy claims.

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NY High Court Rules

Coverage for vandalism may be more expansive for policyholders.

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Sandy Flood Claims Issues

Some policyholders are stating that their flood claims are not being handled correctly due to the adjusters’ lack of experience.

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Cancellation Letters Being Mailed

Health insurance companies are mailing cancellation letters to people who have purchased their own policy.

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Over 1500 Arrested In Florida For Fraud

Florida’s Chief Financial Officer Jeff Atwater is aggressively pursuing insurance fraud.

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Homeowner Insurers Offer Additional Services

Some insurance companies are providing additional services to protect high valued homes from wildfires.

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New Health Insurance Options

Federal officials advised that multistate health plans will be in operation next year.

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Louisiana To Join New Flood Rates Lawsuit

Lawsuit filed in federal court challenging the October 1, 2013 flood insurance premium rate increases.

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