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Requirements For Mandatory Coverage

Merly Nunez was injured in an automobile accident.  As a Florida driver she had a personal auto policy through Geico that included Personal Injury Protection.  One of the conditions for coverage under her policy is to submit to an examination …

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Duty To Defend

An optional endorsement under the homeowners policy provides coverage for personal injury claims.  This this endorsement can provide valuable coverage, as this court case illustrates, there


Landlord Tenant Agreement

As required by the lease agreement, the tenant in this case obtained both renters and liability insurance.  When the house suffered a fire loss, the landlord’s


Who Is An Insured?

A young child is injured while riding in his daycare provider’s van.  His mother sought coverage under the daycare’s Uninsured Motorists Coverage.  Coverage was denied.  So


What is Covered?

In this court case the insured is injured in a motorcycle accident.  Because of his injuries, he must now use a wheelchair.  As a result his


Who Decides?

Action Warehouse Company purchased Workers Compensation coverage from Chartis.  Employees were classified under the NCCI code for general warehouse employees; however, when Action contracted with two


When Does Coinsurance Apply?

A lumberyard suffered a theft loss and filed a claim with the insurance company.  Upon reviewing the claim, the insurance company disagreed with the amount of


Prospecting Is Your Call

Prospecting continues to be the foundation on which successful salespeople build on.

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Risk Management Talent Shortage

According to the Accenture 2013 Global Risk Management study, one of the major concerns is to find the right talent to address present and future needs


Employer-Sponsored Health Insurance FAQs

Kaiser Health News provides a review of key changes to employer-sponsored health insurance regarding the impact of the Affordable Care Act.

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