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Construction Defect Meets CGL “Occurrence” Requirements

In a recent ruling the Georgia Supreme Court found that there is insurance coverage for construction defects in the CGL policy. The court determined that breach of warranty claims can satisfy the “occurrence” requirement found in the policy. Read the …

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Tomorrow’s Agent

This report from McKinsey & Co. addresses current trends and changes in the distribution of insurance by carriers and the implications on agencies’ success


Crime Pays – But How Well?

This joint study by the Center for Strategic and International Studies and McAfee points out how complex it is to determine the economic


Trucking Safety

While much has been done in recent years to mitigate truck crashes, there is still some room for improvement.  The American Transportation Research Institute conducted a


Medical Marihuana Act Does Not Impact Right To Discharge

This court case explores a wrongful discharge action resulting from an employee that was terminated for failing a drug test. The plaintiff argued that he should


2013 Insurance Industry Outlook Survey By KPMG

“Insurers have experienced a significant shift in the marketplace; in just two years, industry executives have abruptly diverted their attention from pricing concerns to regulatory matters” 


Benefit Access

According to the Labor Department, one in four workers turn down the health coverage that is offered to them by their employer.


Excluded By Semantics

Some homeowners are being told that the damages they suffered as a result of Superstorm Sandy won’t be covered by their flood policies.  Why?  In some


Employee Termination

While it is never easy to terminate an employee, following the proper steps can help you avoid a lawsuit later.



Energized Market

Renewable energy is a rapidly expanding industry.  As the risks are better understood, the premium for this market is expected to grow exponentially.

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