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Now Hiring?

When hiring new employees, remember the importance of securing and completing the necessary forms and records. Read the article…

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Dog Owners Beware

Dog owners are finding insurance more difficult to secure as some carriers decline to offer coverage if the applicant’s dog is of a certain breed.


And The Court Says…

Insurance policy language is constantly tested in court.  Read about some recent court cases that have tested insurance policies.

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Accountants Are Busy

Affordable Care Act is generating new business activity for tax and accounting firms.

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Hurricane Coverage

Fitch report states that capacity is available to provide sufficient coverage for potential 2013 hurricane and tropical storm losses.

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Enrollment Help website revamped to serve in the official enrollment campaign for “Obamacare” to provide direction and assistance as well as raising people’s awareness of the law.


Satisfaction Strong But Waning

A new J.D. Powers and Associates study reports that customer satisfaction regarding auto insurance has dropped but remains strong.

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Global Insurance Market

Commercial markets outside of Europe and North America will account for over 23 percent of the global commercial insurance writings by 2016.


New Rules May Impact Earnings

The Financial Standards Board plans to propose new rules for insurance accounting that may impact the reported profits for many insurers.



Telematics Technology More Integrated

With advancements in technology “usage –based” underwriting and pricing for automobile insurance is now a reality.  Auto manufacturers are looking to help connect insurance carriers to

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