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Insurance Companies Investigated

Governor Andrew Cuomo of New York has initiated an investigation to determine if insurance companies are using sufficient safeguards to protect personal and financial information from cyber threats. Read the article…

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Outgoing Commissioner Criticized For Withholding Information

Monday was officially the last day for Eleanor Kitzman to serve as the Texas Insurance Commissioner. It was widely believed that she stepped down because it did


Managing A Workaholic

Managers can increase job satisfaction and reduce burnout by providing workaholics with the appropriate resources.  Florida State University’s Jim Moran Professor of Business Administration, Wayne Hochwarter,


Up To $5 Billion In Damage

Three days of tornados have an estimated price tag of up to $5 billion with much of the damage in Moore, Oklahoma.  Based on market share,

Health care reform

Intended Impact?

The Affordable Care Act has a far-reaching impact.  As people analyze the law, there are still several questions let unanswered.  “American Indians” is a specifically defined


California Moves To Federal Plan

Beginning in July participants in the California Pre-Existing Condition Insurance Plan will be covered by a federal plan.  Participants will then be switch to the state’s


An Inundation Of Claims

Agents and adjusters have formed a claims center at a local church to assist those affected by the tornado in Moore, Oklahoma.  The Oklahoma Insurance Commissioner,


How Do You Insure A Car That Drives Itself?

For personal autos car insurance rating is based in part on the individual’s driving experience.  So what happens when the car by technology?

Health Reform

Health Insurance Changes

Much is still unknown about the upcoming changes to health insurance in the United States.  Casey B. Mulligan, an economics professor from the University of Chicago,


Questionable Insurance Claims On The Rise

Each year the National Insurance Crime Bureau analyzes claims data to track trends in questionable claims.  This year’s study reports a 27% increase in questionable claims

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