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CFOs Often Company Buying Commercial Insurance

A recent survey by found that the CFO is often responsible for the insurance buying decisions in small to middle-market companies.  The insurance buying is delegated to a risk manager only 7% of the time. Read the article…

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Definition of fraud

Insurance Fraud

Each year the IRS conducts multiple criminal investigations.  The Insurance Fraud Program specifically addresses fraudulent insurance claims including phony insurance companies and staged auto accident.  To


Clueless About Flood Insurance

According to a recent study by Bankrate, approximately 20% of homeowners didn’t know that flood is not covered by the standard homeowners policy.


Fine Art Coverage In China

As China is learning, there are many considerations to take into account when protecting valuable art work.  While there is already a demand for insurance coverage,


Worse Than Teenagers

Teenagers get a bad rap when it comes to comes to driving, but a new study by AT&T found adults to be more likely to text

Life Insurance

Life Insurance From Wal-Mart?

When surveyed by LIMRA, 17% of consumers said they would be willing to purchase life insurance from superstores and warehouse clubs such as Wal-Mart and Costco. 


Truck Guards Ineffective

Truck guards are a safety feature on many big rig trucks that are intended to prevent a car from sliding under trucks in the event of


Primary Coverage When Multiple Insurers Involved

When a loss is covered by more than one insurance policy, there can be a question as to which policy is primary, secondary, tertiary, etc.  As


A Pipeline Requires $1 Billion In Insurance

The Northern Gateway project is a plan to stretch pipeline from Alberta to British Columbia.  In order to obtain approval, a review panel has recommended almost


Texas Windstorm Insurance Association

The Texas Windstorm Insurance Association was created to provide insurance coverage for wind and hail damage in 15 counties that are highly susceptible to such damage. 

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