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Bling, Bling – Where’s The Ring (And Other Bling)?

During a hectic workday, an employee of Elegant Slumming reportedly threw away two packages of jewelry delivered earlier in the day for a total of $141,640 in lost jewelry.  The court is asked to interpret what evidence is required to …

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Tobacco Penalties Make Insurance Too Expensive For Many Smokers

Beginning next year, insurance companies may charge up to 50% higher for an individual policy if a person smokes.  This steep penalty may make health insurance


Vacancy Calculation Tested

Copper coils were stolen from the roof of a commercial shopping center.  The owners of the shopping center filed a claim seeking payment for the damages

Court Case

Supreme Court’s First CAFA Opinion Holds That Stipulation Cannot Defeat Jurisdiction

The Class Action Fairness Act of 2005 (CAFA) gives federal district courts original jurisdiction over class actions in which, among other things, the matter in controversy

Soy Crop

Over $100 Million In False Claims

Federal crop insurance has paid out at least $100 million in fraudulent claims as part of an elaborate scheme in eastern North Carolina.  An ongoing investigation

Healthcare costs

Employer May Lose $1 Billion If State Refuse Medicaid Expansion

As part of the healthcare overhaul, employers will be accessed a fine for employees that are unable to afford medical coverage.  This fine can be avoided


Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS)

In an effort to standardize chemical hazard communications globally, OSHA is updating MSDS procedures.  Now called Safety Data Sheets (SDS), the information required is substantially the


HIPPA Final Rule Effective Today

Newly adopted HIPPA regulations go into effect today.  Compliance with the Final Rules is required within 180 days.  These revisions impact how business associates may be


Need To Have Blood Work Done?

A new device may eliminate the need for a trip to the doctor’s office for lab work.  Scientists are working to develop a tiny device that provides instant

Kids in car

What Is More Dangerous Than Cell Phones While Driving?

According to a recent study out of Australia, kids in the backseat can be much more distracting than cell phone usage.   Read the

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