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Agency Website

Perhaps your agency does not yet have a website.  Maybe you have one, but it needs help.  LifeHealthPro gives some simple guidelines to consider when working with your website. Read the article…

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Countdown to Change

Some compare the healthcare reform changes to a 401(k) savings account as many employers are expected to adopt defined contribution plans.  In this type of healthcare

Flu Vaccine

Flu Vaccine

The flu vaccine is usually produced in part by growing the virus in live chicken eggs.  The long processes of growing the virus and then weakening

Customer Service

Social Media: Good Customer Service or Bad Idea?

Companies are always trying to connect with customers.  Many companies have turned to social media to stay in front of the customers.  While many companies offer


Flu Season

The flu is passing through offices and schools across the country.  The flu can be very serious for some and often requires several days at home. 

Social Network

Social Media Meets Healthcare?

With the rising costs of healthcare, consumer-driven health plans are rising in popularity, but one company is blending social media with health insurance to give consumers


Tax Holiday

Some states offer a tax-free weekend for school supplies or Energy Star Appliances.  Other states offer an opportunity to save on severe weather preparedness items.  Alabama

Cell Phone

Talking While Driving is a Job Requirement?

Many cities and some states have addressed cellphone use.  While most legislation addresses texting while driving, some jurisdictions all prohibit any cellphone use in a school


Healthcare Reform

There has been much confusion surrounding the new healthcare mandates.  When is a company required to provide insurance or face a penalty?  Which employees must be


Take a Break

Which breaks are required by law and which are optional?  HR360 provides the answer to this common human resources question.

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