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CISR Program Expands to Nine Choices

The Certified Insurance Service Representatives (CISR) Program announced the expansion of course offerings for the prestigious designation.  This expansion allows participants to select from a variety of courses, based on their personal preference, to earn the CISR designation.  The new …

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TCPA Violations Provided Insurance Protection As Oral Or Written Publication Of Material That Violates A Person’s Right Of Privacy

The advertising injury provision at issue covers damages the insured becomes legally obligated to pay because of "oral or written publication of material that violates a

Work at Home

Work At Home/Telework as a Reasonable Accommodation

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission said that allowing an individual with a disability to work at home may be a form of reasonable accommodation. The Americans


Umbrella Insurer Has Duty to Defend EVEN THOUGH Underlying Insurer Is Defending

The Court states that it agrees with those cases which find that an excess carrier has a duty to defend where there is a reasonable possibility


Telematics – Driving the Automobile Insurance Market through Disruption

Telematics has enjoyed enormous buzz in the auto insurance marketplace in recent years. The goal is to capture and analyze data about customers’ actual driving to


Additional Insured Endorsement Provides Coverage for Joint Negligence in Absence of Such Allegations in the Suit

Injuries are sustained on a construction site by a subcontractor’s employee when he suffers a seizure and falls from a roof. (He suffered from a pre-existing

Young Driver

Insurers Revved Up About Potential to Reduce Claims Costs, Offer Tracking Services for Parents

According to this article by Chicago Tribune reporter, Becky Yerak,  Audiovox Electronics Corp.'s new consumer product, Car Connection, claims it can tell parents, through online reports,


Insurability of Punitive Damages

The intent of this survey by McCullough, Campbell and Lane, LLP, is to provide a quick reference guide to the public policy considerations and the legal


Talent 2020: Surveying the Talent Paradox from the Employee Perspective

In Deloitte’s most recent global survey of employees, 80% indicated they plan to stay with their current employers in the next year—a significant 45-point swing compared


Motivating a Sales Force

As managers across the country can attest, motivation does not inspire people equally.  People respond to different types of incentives. One of the keys to effective management

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