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Get To Know Your Customers

Does your agency really meet the needs of its customers? What are your customers asking for, and what are they saying about the service you provide? Read the entire article…

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Simple Things Matter The Most

All agencies put into place customer service procedures, policies and guidelines—many of these are concerned with meeting deadlines. Phone calls are to be answered within two


Excellence Is Worth The Effort

How do your customers respond to you? If you were to ask, would they respond: “You had me at ‘hello.’ ”? You would hope so!


Let’s Get Personal

Everyone knows that the name of the game in any business is sales and service. If you have one without the other, you will never be


Customer Centric Should Be The Focus

Customer service is under attack, given the soft market and economic constraints that most agents and brokers face. Revenues and profits are suffering, contingency payments are


Ethical Decisions and CSRs

A hot topic in the insurance industry today is ethics. More than 40 states require their licensed agents to participate in some type of ethics class


Getting The Buy-In

Advances in technology, shifts in economic, legal, and social trends, and personnel changes have an impact on every business. Some changes are within our control, whereas


The CSR’s Role in Virtual Business Marketing

Although a customer service representative (CSR) is responsible for a variety of tasks in an insurance office, the two primary roles are helping customers and processing


How To Avoid E&O Claims

Once upon a time, if you were a knowledgeable, ethical insurance professional, you didn’t have to worry overmuch about being sued by your clients. Or by


They Came By Chance and Stayed By Choice

Although most CSRs entered the insurance industry by chance, many have chosen a long career in an independent agency service position. The National Alliance Research Academy

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