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Get Up-to-date on New Cell Phone and Texting Laws: Banned in 10 States

View the states’ cell phone laws and text messaging laws as well as whether they are enforced as primary or secondary laws. Secondary laws require that the police officer must have some other reason to stop a vehicle before citing …

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Can Single Incident Lead To A Claim For Discrimination?

New Jersey Court states an isolated discriminatory comment will be found to support a hostile work environment discrimination claim only in "a rare and extreme case in which

Supreme Court Ruling Affects FMLA For State Employees

Supreme Court ruling affects FMLA for state employees. The Supreme Court decided that FMLA does not require a state employer to give time off to an


Insurance For Cyber Risks

Insurance for Cyber Risks: Coverage Under CGL and "Cyber" Policies

THE RISE IN CYBER RISKS (Source: Lockton Companies March 2012)

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The Uninsured/Underinsured Problem Of The Wealthy

The uninsured/underinsured problem of the wealthy. Why do the folks that have assets to protect not have the right type and amount of insurance? According to


Wisconsin Supreme Court Rules Bat Guano Is A Pollutant

Wisconsin Supreme Court says bat guano is a pollutant. Court concludes that bat guano falls unambiguously within the insurance policy's definition of "pollutants". Therefore, the insured’s


Insured tornado losses seen up to $2 bln

(Reuters) - Deadly tornadoes that hit some parts of the United States last week caused up to $2 billion in insured losses, disaster modeling firm EQECAT said on


Deadly Tornadoes Create Huge Insured Loss Risk

(Reuters) - Less than a year after a series of tornadoes caused some of the worse insured losses in U.S. history, the insurance industry is likely

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Methods To Reduce Insurance Costs Offered

CINCINNATI (BUSINESS WIRE)  Great American Insurance Group announces the availability of a new program that helps profit and non-profit organizations identify their volunteers and employees whose


Market Barometer February 2012

February Composite Rate Up 2% - U.S. Commercial Lines Continue to Increase.  MarketScout has calculated the U.S. Composite commercail rate index for February 2012 at an

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