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Checklist For Business Recovery

Has a Business Response Plan (BRP) been: a. Developed?  b. Updated within the last 6 months?  See the Checklist For Business Recovery, developed by Jim Green, CRM, ARM of Business Risk Solutions. See Checklist…

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Liquor Liability Insurance And Fast Food?

Is liquor liability insurance needed for fast food restaurants such as White Castle, Burger King, and Sonic?

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House Subcommittee Holds Hearing On Cyber Security

House Energy and Commerce Subcommittee on Communications and Technology holds hearing on cyber security and the role of the private sector as well as the federal


Cyber Insurance For The HR Professional, Spear Phishing?

“It’s very important for HR professionals to properly ascertain what the particular risks are and match up with potential coverage and price it out,” said Eric


Looking To Hire Innovative Individuals?

Looking to hire innovative individuals? Geil Browning writes… “all people have natural strengths to be innovative, whether they are butchers or bakers or cabinet makers. But how


Critical Incident Preparedness Recorded Webinar

The National Alliance for Insurance Education & Research conducts monthly, free webinars.  View February's webinar - Critical Incident Preparedness with presenter - Jim Green, CRM, ARM.  


Texas Court Uses Complaint-Alligation Rule

Texas Court, using the complaint-allegation rule (eight corners rule), finds that an allegation of a specific date of injury during the policy period is not required


Coalition Against Insurance Fraud Announces 2011 Inductees

Coalition Against Insurance Fraud announces the 2011 inductees into the Hall of Shame.  The No-Class of 2011 features some of America’s most brazen, cunning or plain


PRESS RELEASE Cyber Security Act of 2012

Cyber Security Act of 2012  “To guard against the nation’s increasing vulnerability to cyber attack, a group of Senate Committee leaders introduced bipartisan legislation Tuesday to

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Court Rules Excess Liability Insurer Can File Suit

Court rules excess liability insurer can file suit for malpractice against primary liability insurer defense counsel.  Court concludes that if Great American was provided defense counsel’s

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