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Top 10 D&O Stories

Top 10 D&O Stories as posted by Kevin M. LaCroix, an attorney and Executive Vice President, OakBridge Insurance Services, an insurance intermediary focused exclusively on management liability issues. Read more…

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Supreme Court Decision – Outer Continental Shelf Lands Act

Supreme Court decides workers on dry land may now be covered under the Outer Continental Shelf Lands Act - the Outer Continental Shelf Lands Act (OCSLA)

January 2012 Market Barometer

2011 Closes With Rate Increase.

The December 2011 composite rate index measured up 1 percent, closing out 2011 with a rate increase. MarketScout completed the December results

Nursing Home Care Act, Illinois

Illinois Court awards $175,548 in attorney fees and $6,538.41 in costs pursuant to section 3-602 of the Nursing Home Care Act (the Act) [210 ILCS 45/3-602

2011 Odd-Ball Interview Questions

Those that interview know the value of asking questions that will help assess the skills of candidates.  But what did these questions reveal? releases it


Ridiculous Lawsuits Of 2011

The US Chamber Institute for Legal Reform has released the ridiculous lawsuits of 2011 – led by a kidnapper lawsuit against his captives for not helping

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