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Errors and Omissions

Iowa Supreme Court says agent did NOT breach his duty of care to act as a reasonably prudent insurance agent when he failed to advise and recommend that a self-employed over-the-road truck driver should procure self-employment workers compensation insurance! Read …

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Missouri Court: Co-worker Can be Sued for Ordinary Negligence

The holding of this case means that in addition to a workers’ compensation claim, injured employees can now sue a co-worker if that co-worker’s negligence was


Kartman v. State Farm

Insurer may use an individualized approach to determine damages and is not required to follow a uniform objective standard in assessing damage caused by hailstorms to


Contractors, Contacts, and Confusion

by Greg George, CIC, CRM, CPCU, ARM, ARe

How many times has your client come to you seeking advice about a contract presented to them


Brown v. Kelton

Supreme Court of Arkansas affirmed an order disqualifying a staff attorney employed by Farmers Insurance Exchange (“FIE”) from representing two defendants who were insured by an insurance company


Federal Court – insured invokes Fifth Amendment

Federal Court - insured invokes Fifth Amendment privilege against self-incrimination; insurer invokes non-cooperation clause- Federal Court says insurance policy did not require an actual waiver of doctor’s constitutional rights.


NJ Supreme Court rules jury trial attaches bad faith claims

NJ Supreme Court rules that a jury trial attaches to bad faith claims – The Court indicated that despite language in the case law referring to the

Zurich’s First Bet is on Its People

Interview with Tim Carter, Chief Underwriting Officer for Zurich North America Commercial

Zurich's First Bet is on Its People

The following interview took place

Risk Management: Played out in the global theater

by William J. Hold, CISR, MBA and Mary I. Husk, CIC, CRM, CPCU

Risk Management: Played Out in the Gobal Theater

While attending this

National Outstanding CSR of the Year

National Outstanding CSR of the Year

What makes the Outstanding CSR of the Year Award so remarkable is the quality of the competition. This year’s

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