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The National Alliance Podcast: Program Business – Part II: Developing a Program in your Agency

How to identify Program Opportunities within the Agency? Programs need to be successful and have common denominators. We want to take existing business niches, and make them better through fine tuning a la program assimilation.

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The National Alliance Podcast: Program Business – Part One: The Basics

Program Business is any assimilation of common class, industry groups, or coverage. Growth and Specialization has affected business by creating new ways to generate revenue through business streams. We all need to focus more on specialization because that is where the business is headed. …

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Lifestyle Exposures of the High Net Worth Client

The exposures of high net worth clients differ from other clients in many ways that are apparent. However, considerations such as lifestyle exposures are not so readily apparent. This webinar specifically examines the lifestyle exposures of high net worth clients, …

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Open Enrollment Insurance ObamaCare Patient Protection, Affordable Care Act Guide

Affordable Care Act Update

This webinar will provide a brief overview – of the more important provisions and recent changes concerning the Affordable Care Act (ACA). &nbsp It will specifically address how this law impacts individuals and employers as it relates to health insurance. …

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Cyber Crime – What You Need to Know

This webinar is an up-to-the minute – review of the evolving state of cyber crime exposures and coverages.   Attendees will learn the basics of identifying insureds’ cyber crime challenges and how the market is responding to address them.   …

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On The Air

The National Alliance Podcast: Program Business – Part One: The Basics

Lifestyle Exposures of the High Net Worth Client

Affordable Care Act Update

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Sabine Pass High School Students Pioneer New Program

In the wake of two hurricanes— Rita and Ike—that devastated the

Market Barometer

Mar Bar CL

July Composite Rate for US P&C Insurance Minus 1 Percent

Insurers reassessing selected industries

The composite rate for property

Mar Bar PL

Personal Lines Composite Rate Steady at Plus 1 Percent

Homeowners rates slightly higher

US personal lines insurers continued

Mar Bar CL

June Commercial Insurance Rates Moderate

June composite rate minus 1 percent

“Insurers are getting

Mar Bar PL

Composite Rate for US Personal lines Holds Steady in June

Average rate up 1% across US

The composite rate

Mar Bar CL

US Commercial Rates Moderate in March

Composite index down 3 percent

The US commercial insurance

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